We speak corporate. We get corporate. We've been corporate. We totally get your fancy memos, your needs assessments, your ROI-talk and your all important policies and procedures. But deep down we know you are a fun monster screaming to get out! We certainly were when we played in the corporate sandbox! Just because we are the champions of recess and live for great experiences, doesn't mean we can't get super sophisticated and walk the corporate walk. We just like to do it with a twist!

If you are looking for an event company that is ready to deliver an experience that your clients, employees or stakeholders will be talking about for a long time to come, you've found the right team with The Henley Co. Rest assured, we know all of the key players in town. It's like we've picked the best Fantasy League of Vendors you could ask for.

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We can't even try to be "just" an event company. We prefer to be the premier experiential event production company on the planet.


You let us know what you want your guests saying in the car on the way home and we deliver an experience they will be talking about long after the ride. We can plan any event – the little black dress soiree, a boots and jeans bash, a sequins and silk shin dig or a shorts and flip flops social.


  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Retirement
  • Baby / Wedding Shower
  • Cocktail Party
  • Gala
  • Holiday Party
  • Engagement Party
  • Celebrations of Life


We've got you covered with:

  • Event production
  • Venue & Site selection
  • Food & Beverage
  • Design & Décor
  • Entertainment
  • Audio / Visuals
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Social Media
  • Convention & Meeting planning
  • Transportation
  • Registration & Staffing Management
  • Signage & Printed Materials

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Be a hero at your company and create a monthly Recess Play Date – we take care of all the fun and games and your employees get an all-important physical and mental break. We hear the Marketing Dept. is gunning for the Accounting Dept. in the next 3-legged race and Ted in Engineering is talking smack that he is going to be the tetherball champ for yet another month. What about Sandy in Human Resources – she's an animal when it comes to dodge ball! The super smart science types tell us that recess does a mind and body good, which is very good news for a company's productivity. We agree; but also think the bragging rights are pretty cool too!


Customized Play Dates are available.

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Unlike most event planners, we don't have a lot of wedding clients. That's by choice. It's not that we can't plan a wedding; it's just that we are super-duper selective when it comes to the brides and grooms we choose to work with. We strongly believe that the wedding is just one day in what will hopefully be a very long marriage. That doesn't mean that we won't plan a blow out for you, but we prefer brides and grooms that understand that a wedding should be a celebration of their love story and getting the right people in the room to help them start their new life together. For us, it's more than just throwing a major-ragger that has no connection or chemistry with the couple.  What fun is that?


The couples we select as our clients "get it." They of course want a fantastic wedding day but they keep their priorities in check and they focus on the "why" they are getting married more than the unnecessary fluff that can fill the room. We like to help our couples to tell their story. Our brides and grooms hire us because they know the wedding will be an experience and will be a true reflection of them, not some over the top candy land that doesn't reflect their personalities. If you're trying to keep up with the Jones', we aren't your team. But if you are trying to weave your love story into an experience on the day you seal the deal with a kiss then we can't wait to meet you! And if you want your wedding to be in a great destination, we really want to talk to you! We love to travel!
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Life is busy and there never seems like there are enough hours in the day, week or month. Stop fretting! A lifestyle manager is the solution to your time strapped problem. Some think of us as their other "wife," some refer to us as their other set of hands, their "honey do" list or their clone, and some consider us their secret superhero. Regardless, our purpose is the same: we manage your to-do list so you gain the gift of time to live the life you want. It's really that simple. We are hired by the hour for one-off tasks or through a monthly contract for on-going support. No request is too big or too small.


You can check these off your to-do list 'cause we got you covered:

  • Travel Coordination
  • Event Planning
  • Reservations / Concert Tickets
  • Entertainment
  • Gift / Personal Shopping
  • Errand Running
  • Personal / Professional Assistance
  • Household Management


Our corporate concierge / lifestyle management services allow us to help companies to offer work / life balance to their employees. It also helps them to offer a value-add client benefit; the gift of time. In the days when we are asking more of our employees with less pay, offering lifestyle management services can really make the difference. When the employee knows that the company cares about their personal life as much as their professional contribution, it makes for happy, smiling, less stressed faces at the next department meeting.


The average U.S. worker admits to frittering away more than 2.09 hours a day, not counting lunch, on personal business. This costs companies an estimated $759 billion a year. ( and AOL Survey)
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We don't know about you, but our passport is one of our best friends. We love when she gets called up for duty because it means we are heading off to an exciting place! We take great pride in helping our clients to get to all corners of the world. Some big fancy companies and busy individuals call on us to manage their travel portfolio and we think that's pretty cool. We secretly travel vicariously through them when we can't get on the plane ourselves!


Here's the best part – we're affiliated with a super swanky luxury travel agency, which means we can offer our clients Virtuoso™ benefits and unique opportunities like no other. Being a Henley Co. client is like getting invited to where the cool kids hang out!


  • Corporate & Incentive Travel
  • Leisure Travel
  • Family Experiences
  • Honeymoon Planning
  • Retreats
  • Family Experiences


Think back to your childhood – aren't some of the best memories you have from the times when your family all did something together? They certainly are for us. We come from a family that loves a great experience. Whether it is petting Gray Whales in the lagoons in Mexico, wine tasting in France, bike riding along the coast in San Diego or playing Frisbee golf in the park, we have as many memories as we do experiences. Let us put together a series of monthly family experiences for you and your loved ones. The family that laughs together – stays together!
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We know that family life – both waiting for the baby to arrive and the years beyond – is always busy! With an ever-growing to-do list, it leaves time-starved parents with an inability to spend quality time with their children. We are big fans of making the dinner table a priority; so, let us manage your to-do list so that's an appointment you can always make!


A maternity & family concierge is your super hero, the extra set of hands you need and the additional hours in your day to help you to put family first! Let us take care of the labor, and deliver to you the gift of time.


Sample Services & Requests:

REST UP – For those on bed rest or with limited mobility

  • In Home Consultation to Complete Your To-Do List
  • Nursery preparation
  • Errand Running / Personal Shopping
  • Hospital preparation
  • Household Management / Cleaning Services
  • Personal Chef / Meal Preparation
  • Pre / Post Natal Massage
  • Dog Walkers
  • Errand Running
  • Maternity Wardrobe
  • Activities Tote (Tote Bag Full of Activities To Keep Patient's on Bed Rest Entertained)


LABOR OF LOVE – Helping to prepare for baby

  • Complete Your To-Do List
  • Nursery Preparation
  • Errand Running / Personal Shopping
  • Hospital Preparation
  • Greening Your Nursery
  • Infant CPR class
  • Nursery Preparation
  • Personal Shopping
  • Travel Coordination for Arriving Family
  • Push Present Consultation
  • Sibling Activities
  • Create Baby Blog so those across the country can enjoy your pregnancy & progress.
  • Hospital Overnight Tote (Customized Tote Bag For the Hospital Stay)


CELEBRATE – Let the fun begin by celebrating the babies impending arrival

  • Gift Registry
  • Baby Shower Planning
  • Nursery Planning / Set-up
  • "Babymoon" Preparation – Pre-Baby Romantic Trip for Mom & Dad
  • New Mama's Night Out
  • Pre-Natal Spa Services
  • Dad's Night Out
  • Thank You Notes
  • Urban Baby Tote (A Tote Bag Designed for the Urban Baby & Sassy Parents)


WHAT A BLESSING – The gift of time to spend with your baby not your to-do list

  • Photography / Videography
  • Thank you notes
  • Birth Announcements / Newborn Photo Shoot
  • Personal Chef / Meal Preparation
  • Pre  / Post Natal Massage
  • Dog Walkers
  • Errand Running (grocery store, baby supplies, dry cleaning, etc.)
  • Travel Coordination for Arriving Family
  • Sibling Activities
  • Baby Gift Returns / Exchanges
  • Religious Celebrations (Christening, Baptism, Bris, 100 day celebration)
  • 1st Birthday planning
  • Blessings Tote (Tote bag full of blessings & memory keepers)


Our Maternity & Family Concierge packages are designed to specifically meet the needs of our clients. All of our services start with a complimentary consultation so we can learn more about the specific needs that will help you to take the labor out of your pregnancy, and your to-do list. We deliver the gift of time!


Tailored-made packages start at $250. Any additional fees related to the requested product or service will be billed separately.  A-la-carte services are also available.


Looking for the perfect gift? Gift certificates are also available.


Don't live in San Diego? No problem. We love to travel and would be glad to come to share our services with you in your neck of the woods.


Call today for a free consultation: 619-757-6551.
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Deciding to pick up and move your family to a new city on the other side of the world is a huge decision. We get it. We jumped on a plane years ago and waited at Heathrow Airport in London for our employer to walk up to us and so began our international assignment. We know what it's like to be excited, nervous, unsure and driving on the opposite side of the road (literally!) We got lucky – we had a great guardian angel that took care of every detail and made our relocation totally seamless. We feel like we owe it to the universe to repay the kindness.

We set out to become the best international relocation specialist we could be, and to help transferees to get settled in San Diego with ease. We also know it's important to the employer that their new employee is happy. We help to bridge the gap by not only sorting out the complex details required to make a successful international move, but also to be hospitality hosts for the local region. Given our personal experience, we are honored to help international and domestic transferees adapt and get settled into their new location.


Our focus is to not only help you to find your housing and get you acclimated to your new country, but to help you feel like your new city is indeed your home!


Customized relocation packages are available.
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