30 Day Challenge

Day #4: Living the Good Life – 30 Day Challenge (Central Library)

I discovered one of San Diego’s greatest gems today – the new San Diego Central Library. I realize I’m a little late to the party given the Library celebrates its first anniversary this weekend, but until now my schedule just didn’t permit the formal tour. I signed up on the Library website for a guided […]


Day #3: Living the Good Life – 30 Day Challenge (Knitting)

Since I lost my grandmother, I’ve always been sorry I never had her teach me how to knit.  My grandmother would knit and crochet beautiful blankets and baby sweaters; many of which we still have to this day. In an attempt to channel my grandmother, for day #3 of my 30 day challenge, I attended […]


DAY #1: Living the Good Life – 30 Day Challenge (Foot Golf)

As I have previously announced, I am challenging myself to doing something new, unique or different for the next 30 days. Feeling a bit stagnant and not honoring my inner child, creativity and physical strength enough has swaddled me in too much adulthood and not enough play. With the mission of The Henley Co. to […]