Had I not attended the Center for Hope and Strength’s fundraiser, I would have never known that twice the number of women are impacted by domestic violence than are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. We all think of breast cancer as the major women’s epidemic but indeed the silent cancer in our society happens to be domestic violence.

The Center recently hosted a fundraiser to help generate the necessary funds to maintain their support services. Sprinkled throughout the audience at the event, were survivors of domestic violence. Several of these women participated in a fashion show during the event, which was inspiring to watch because these women have been through some very dark days, and yet on this night, their light was shining bright.

I was struck by how open the women in attendance were to share their stories, and was inspired to find a way to volunteer time in the future to help the organization.

Think about 3 women in your life – now realize that 1 of those three women will be directly involved in a domestic violence relationship. Far too many, right? Thank goodness for organizations like Center for Hope and Strength, and the work they do daily to help heal the wounds of domestic violence.