Day 13: Grateful for playing in the mud!

I doubt there is anyone in San Diego that can say they ran the Mud Run this morning with their 63 year old father and sister. What a blast to play in the mud with two of the people I adore most in the world! With our shoes duct taped to our feet, we ran over dirt mounds, jumped through tires, crawled over walls and belly crawled through a mud pit. We were proud of our level of dirtiness when we crossed the finish line! It was a perfect day! My Mom was a fantastic cheerleader! We all laughed our way through the entire experience. There will be stories to last a lifetime! These are the moments that bring texture to your life! I’m proud of my Dad for finishing the run — and with a smile the whole way! He was like the Mayor of the Mud Run – talking to all of the other participants and cracking jokes! I give thanks for this day!