After my dirt bike riding the day before, day #14 of my 30-day challenge led me to something more soothing; a visit to the Self-Realization Fellowship Center in Encinitas. In all my years of living in San Diego, and driving down the 101 Coast Hwy, I had never stopped to investigate what was behind the enormous gold pillars at the Center. To my surprise, I discovered a little slice of heaven – a meditation garden overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

As I entered the garden, a security guard reminded me that I was entering a solace landscape and I should keep my voice low. Unaware of the treasure I was about to discover, I meandered my way through the garden. Every turn seemed to offer a new vista and a near perfect environment for solace thinking and peace. At the top of the garden stair case, visitors discover the monument for the original Temple location, but it is lost due to the near perfect view that you find over the cliff. With waves crashing, the sun shining and surfers in the distance, the Meditation Garden offered a prime view of the best of San Diego’s coastline.

Whether you go for the meditation, the view, or the flora and fauna, the Mediation Garden at the Self-Realization Fellowship Center is

a gem worth revisiting. I can’t believe I have lived in San Diego my entire life and never set foot within this garden. It is for sure a place to return to for my own meditation or to showcase our coastline to visitors.

This is a trip not to be missed!