Day 23: I give thanks for Lisa

Lisa and I met five years ago when we were both working for the same law firm. She is a brilliant attorney. Our first interaction was a little clunky because I copt an attitude and then had to eat a lot of crow. I humbly apologized for my pathetic behavior, which was really a result of being unhappy in my job (which caused me to have a very short fuse) more than it did in thinking she had not sent a necessary document. By the time I got back to my office, she resent the email she had already sent. Totally my oops and very embarrassing!  She thankfully forgave me. We really bonded one night over wine at a law firm event and our real friendship began. Lisa is a ray of sunshine. She has a delightful sense of humor, has an enormous spirit and is destined to celebrate life through the interactions with her friends and family. She is unbelievably supportive of me and has been my partner on more walks up the hills in Bay Park than we can count! Those hills have heard more than a therapist! She is a very important member of the small but mighty group of women I have in my life.

In February, as I was driving to meet her for dinner, my intuition told me she was expecting a baby. (I have a great gift of being able to know when women are pregnant – sometimes even before they know!) So it was obviously no surprise to me when she told me she was just a few weeks along. I also knew she was having a boy (which has been confirmed!). Lisa and Marc are going to be amazing parents! I am so happy for her because she has met a terrific partner in Marc. He is a great man and he makes my dear friend very happy!! She is now moving into the last few weeks of her pregnancy. When I saw her this weekend, she was beautiful – even if she can’t bend over to tie her shoes! She wears pregnancy very well. I have a theory that the more comfortable a woman is in her pregnancy, the more natural a mother she will be. It could be complete nonsense but I am confident after seeing Lisa this weekend, looking very pregnant, that she will indeed be a tremendous mother. This is going to be one lucky baby!

So on this 23rd day of giving thanks, I want to say a special thank you for the joy Lisa brings to my life. And to that little baby boy that is happily cooking away, hurry up already! We can’t wait to meet you!