Day 25: Giving thanks – all day long!

We have had a wonderful day of family and giving thanks! A family tradition we have had for the last 5 years is to volunteer at lunch time at the Senior Community Center downtown. It’s an important lesson, especially for the kids in the family, that not everyone has a hot cooked meal in a warm living room in a family friendly home on this day. Jodi & Steve hosted a lovely dinner in their home tonight for dinner and we enjoyed friends and family around the table. Ray & Marjorie were able to enjoy a proper Thanksgiving dinner — it’s not a big holiday in England! And for those of you that know our family, you know that we have a tradition of doing the chicken dance after dinner….I say no more! The flapping, and the feather shaking was rampant once again.

We all have a lot to be grateful for – the family, the love and the friendship around our table tonight was a true blessing!

Mom with pumpkin pies

A room full of hungry Seniors!

Ray serving meals!


The volunteers are ready

Waitress in training