Day 29 – Giving thanks for Ian & Bev

There have been many people who have helped me along the path of starting and growing my own business. I have had some terrific advice, some valuable mentorship and some much needed encouragement along the way. However, one of the greatest gifts I received was from my friends Ian & Bev Barrow. Knowing I was busting at the seams in my home office and going a little stir crazy, they graciously invited me to set-up my office within their beautiful building, which houses their company Blend Printing. There isn’t a day that I don’t drive to my office without a heart full of humble appreciation.Their generosity and support of my endeavor is beyond words. By now having an office, I feel like a bona fide business where I can hold meetings and present an image consistent with The Henley Company brand. I couldn’t help but smile the day I saw The Henley Company name on the door. It felt like I became a real business that day! The big beautiful window in my office has provided many hours of inspiration and fostered my creativity, and the friends I have made at Blend are very special. They are a terrific group of people that consistently have me laughing!  I am truly honored to be part of the Blend family!

As I reflect on the great blessings I have in my life, I could never make a list that didn’t include Ian & Bev. They define true friendship and it is because they believe in me and want to help me to be successful that my business has thrived in the last year. One of the lessons I have learned since starting my business is sometimes its ok to ask for help or to get help along the way. By getting out of my own way and being open to the generosity that two friends offered, I have expanded my wings in ways I could never imagine. I will always be eternally grateful for their generosity.