One of the things you quickly learn in London is that the black cabs are a major force! Imagine our surprise yesterday, when we were doing a site visit at one of the Olympic venues, to find the cabbies staging a protest in Trafalgar Square. Thousands of cabbies parked themselves in the roundabout at Trafalgar Square, which then overspilled down Westminster, past Big Ben and beyond where the eyes can see. The cabbies are upset because they have not been given access to the official Olympic Lane, which is only open to Olympic coaches (buses) and vehicles. Their deafening horns and commitment to stopping traffic for well over an hour certainly was an attempt to make their point! They are concerned that without access to the Olympic lanes, they will not have the ability to navigate the streets of London. Is there anyone that knows the streets better than the driver of black cabs? So far their protest has not brought a change in policy, but they do get credit for giving it a great try!