Welcome to What Matters to Me…my second attempt at blogging. I use to have a blog but then it all felt too hard to manage and too demanding, so I took a little break and put my energy into learning every other outlet for social media. I wondered how all the bloggers found time to post so much stuff. Maybe I didn’t feel like I had anything interesting to say back then. Guess that has changed because I have a renewed commitment to the blog world. I think it is all Twitters fault. Those pesky 160 characters lead me daily to all of these wonderful places I wouldn’t have otherwise known about had I not been following some of the most interesting people on the planet. My fellow tweeters post fabulous articles, blog posts and links that I devour like a pig in mud. In an attempt to be one of the cool kids, I have recommitted to blogging. Who knows what I will say or whether or not you will find it interesting but if you want to leave a comment now and again, that’s perfectly fine. Grab your party hat…the fun it is about to begin!