Hi everyone,

My name is Elyse. Nicole is my Titi. Yesterday we had lots of fun at the Family Experience. The best part was being pushed into the gold mine in an old fashion mine cart. The mine was very dark. We then got to pan for gold and any gold we found we cashed in at the General Store for candy. Yummy! We also got to cross over the pond by walking on the tight rope. The train was very fun. We got to ride it all the way to the gold mine. It was really cold yesterday in Julian but the conductor gave us big warm blankets to use so it made the ride much better. You should go to the Smith Ranch because it is very fun. I liked playing with all the other young kids. I helped the little ones to use the water pump. It was a very good family experience. I especially liked the cookies and cider that Titi served us after we got back from riding the train.



Thanks to Elyse for being my guest blogger about the family experience! For those wanting to visit Smith Ranch & Julian Railroad, visit www.pioneerways.com. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon! We look forward to seeing you in February for the next family experience!