I grew up in a family where experiences are treasured. A few years ago we implemented a monthly family experience. Once a month, a member of the family (from my then 6 year old niece to my then 60 year old father) was responsible for creating a family experience that we would all enjoy. The rules were simple: 1) it had to be something we could all do regardless of age or physical ability, 2) it had to be affordable and 3) it had to be something that we had not yet experienced in San Diego. The third rule was always the hardest because we have all grown up in San Diego but we quickly learned that this is indeed a big town with lots of options to do and try! Our experiences have varied from a game of frisbee golf, hiking to a waterfall in the local mountains, a surrey ride along the harbor, trapeze lessons, fishing on Miramar Lake and a private tour of the Helen Woodward Animal Center. Although the intention was always to experience something new, the result was always the same – memory making and laughter! It’s become a wonderful tradition in our family!

These family experiences have really become the foundation for the creation of RECESS by The Henley Company, our newest division, which will focus solely on creating experiences and helping clients to find the joy in playing.

Given the response and interest we have had in the Matthews family experiences, we are inviting you to come along! Once a month, RECESS by The Henley Company will coordinate a family experience, which will be open to our clients and friends. We will post the details on our blog.We are currently putting the finishing touches on our January family experience so watch this space!

Want to join us?

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RECESS: Life is a Playground – Go Experience it!