Do You Think Organization Is A Gift??

I’m all about shortcuts to make life easier. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve been caught short by not having a greeting card on hand as I head out to a birthday party or need to send a congratulations or sympathy card.

Every year I make sure to pick up a greeting card box, so I always have plenty of cards on hand. With the shortage of card shops these days, it’s great to have my own private stash. I’ve found these card boxes at Costco and Target. For those feeling a bit more creative, why not make your own card box? We love this super cute idea by Honeysuckle Life.


Greeting-Card-BoxPhoto by Honeysuckle Life.

Taking this organizational thing one step further, why not create a gift drawer? I think this works especially great when you have kids and they are invited to a birthday party about every 3 days! That elementary school birthday party circuit can fray even the most organized parent! Be on the lookout for items on sale throughout the year that you can put into your gift drawer. Or even gather items in the Dollar Section; by putting together a few “dollar” gems, you can create an adorable gift basket! There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on kids gifts, regardless of how many Jones’ you want to keep up with! They are kids after all.

What other organizational ideas do you have? Leave a comment below!