Baby Concierge

With the recent hit of Bravo TV’s “Pregnant In Heels,” the concept of baby concierge companies has started to receive more attention. ¬†On the surface it seems like you have to be uber-wealthy (and uber-high maintenance! according to Bravo’s profile) to be able to afford a personal concierge who can support you through your pregnancy and beyond. But the reality is that these services are really affordable and available to the general public. There is a whole cottage industry of concierge companies across the country that are focusing on getting the family ready for baby’s arrival and the difficult first few months. A baby concierge can really help a family to get prepared and settled. Some equate the services of a baby concierge to a wedding planner – both take care of the details so you can focus on the big day!

With the success of our division devoted to lifestyle management / personal concierge services, The Henley Company is busy creating packages focused on helping families to prepare for their new arrival. We especially look forward to being of service to those women who are prescribed bed rest. We know that although they are being forced to rest, life still goes on. We are well versed in lightening the load and helping to cross items off to-do lists. We know that the unexpected comes up while you are expecting, so we look forward to supporting pregnant women and their families throughout San Diego.

A brief list of services to be included in our packages include:

Nursery Preparation
Gift Registry
Baby Shower Planning
Household Services
Errand Running
Babymoon Planning

In addition to our packages, we also offer gift certificates. Why not give the gift of tine?

We are busy connecting with the Birthing Community of San Diego and are excited by the enthusiasm for the services we can provide!