Playground Chatter with Godfather of the Event Industry, Dr. Joe Goldblatt

Welcome to our new web series, Playground Chatter, which will allow us to interview big names and cool kids in town about their definition of recess. Since we are on a campaign to reinstate recess for grown ups, we want to start by taking a walk down memory lane by having a discussion about what recess meant to the junior version of our interviewees. Our hope is that we can get them to promise (and pinky swear!) that they will join the playground bandwagon and incorporate more recess into their lives!

Our first interview is with Dr. Joe Goldblatt, the big kahuna, Godfather and architect of the special events industry. This is the guy that has done and seen everything in our industry. We have become a profession because of the work Dr. Goldblatt has committed to developing our education, certification and industry ethics. He was recently in San Diego to lead a Master Class through the University of San Diego. It was fabulous to be the student again and not the teacher. I have a new enthusiasm ¬†for my industry and world domination, thanks to Dr. Goldblatt’s encouragement!

Enjoy our first Playground Chatter –