Eat Where The Locals Eat In Cabo!

Growing up in Southern California, just a stone’s throw from Mexico, I have eaten my share of good Mexican food. Little did I know, everything I’ve previously eaten is now chump change compared to heaven on earth I had last week in Cabo!

Introducing Las Guacamaya’s – THE MOST DELICIOUS Mexican food you will ever eat! This fun little “locals” joint  in San Jose Del Cabo is nothing fancy but what they lack in linen napkins and good china they make up in quality and service. Seriously, if I could make a dress out of their tortillas and accessorize it with salsa and guacamole I think I would. We ordered way too much food and we didn’t care one bit. It just meant we had leftovers for lunch the next day. They started the meal by bringing us a fried cheese roll up. Like literally cheese they baked in a pan and then rolled up right at the end while it was still hot to make a tube. You know every nutritionist is passing out at the sheer thought of eating fried cheese but who cares. You can’t believe the glory in front of you and promise yourself you’ll do an extra mile next time just so you don’t have to pass up this experience. Guacamaya’s will forever be on my list of restaurants to visit when in Cabo. We can’t thank Daniel, our concierge at our villa for the recommendation. We will talk about this amazing dining experience for a very long time.




PS – the Corona’s are by far the coldest in all of Cabo and if you promise to buy your taxi driver an ice cream he will stop at the Wal Mart on the way home so you can finish the binge with a gelato!!