The Experience Recess Philosophy!

Happy New Year!

We hope you have had a wonderful couple of weeks celebrating with friends and family! We are busy brainstorming, serving our clients and planning our world domination! Just another day at Experience Recess!

Check out our new company philosophy! We think it sums up our intention pretty darn well!


At Experience Recess…

We love to play. 

We love to exercise our imagination as much as our bodies.

We love to wonder and think creatively.

We love when wearing flip-flops means we are dressed up!

We love to have an experience worth talking about.

We love when our “to-do” list is “done.”

We love creating memories with our families.

We love when quiet time means “my time.”

We love taking time to have a great conversation with friends!

We love when grown-up’s have play dates!

We love to Experience Recess!  


What is your philosophy for designing the life you want to live this new year?