Day #3: Living the Good Life – 30 Day Challenge (Knitting)

Since I lost my grandmother, I’ve always been sorry I never had her teach me how to knit.  My grandmother would knit and crochet beautiful blankets and baby sweaters; many of which we still have to this day. In an attempt to channel my grandmother, for day #3 of my 30 day challenge, I attended a knitting circle at my local library.

Upon entering the community room, I found a glorious group of older women all working on beautiful masterpieces. My intimidation was quickly subsided when they partnered me with a saint named, Liz, who has been knitting for 50 years. She patiently taught me how to do the basic stitch and set me out to make a scarf. The women around me were finishing off shawls and sweater vests, or in the process of starting a new project that involved knitting lace. Their ability to chat and stitch was impressive – and chat they did!  I found myself trying to silence even my own thoughts because I found this required fierce concentration.

In the 2-hours I spent with the Knitting Ladies, I was able to complete something that looked nothing like the beginnings of a scarf but more like the bottom of a knitted bikini. Apparently when Liz sets you up with ten stitches and you keep adding ten every time you turn back around, your project starts to shape into a triangle. The Knitters were very supportive of my attempts and encouraged me to come back again on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday’s of the month. I promised them I would keep working on my triangle in an attempt to at least get something that looked close to a pot holder.

There is plenty to learn (all the women suggested I watch how-to videos on YouTube); but for a few hours I felt close to my grandma, and if nothing else, that was worth the exercise!