When To Use a Travel Agent!

We are proud of our affiliation with Cadence Travel, which allows us to offer our clients full travel planning capabilities. Cadence is recognized in the travel industry as one of the top agencies internationally. Given that Cadence is a member of the Virtuoso Network, it allows us to offer our clients the best in luxury travel and experiences. We are delighted when we have the chance to work with our clients to plan fabulous adventures, tours to wonderful places and family experiences.

Hasn’t the dawn of the internet caused a decrease in the need for working with a travel agent? NO! We all agree that the internet provides the vehicle to learn about new and exciting places but someone still has to take the time to actually coordinate all the details. On average, we spend 10-12 hours coordinating a 2-week trip overseas for our clients. If you spent 10 hours planning your vacation, you would need a vacation from your vacation planning! Isn’t there something else you would like to do with 10-hours?

As “Architects of Experiences,” we are well positioned to step in to ease the burden of travel planning. Wouldn’t you rather just make one call to your personal concierge to discuss your travel desires rather than being glued to your computer researching which 4-star hotel will meet your needs?

Coordinating your travel plans is just one way we help design a lifestyle management program that allows you to benefit from the gift of time!

We were excited to see Virtuoso CEO Matthew Upchurch, appearing on NBC’s TODAY show this  morning. Matthew was interviewed by the TODAY show’s Ann Curry for a segment titled “When to Use a Travel Agent.”

We look forward to helping you plan your next trip!