Making Memories in Puerto Rico!

As I typed this blog post,  I was flying over the Turks & Caicos in the Caribbean Sea, having just returned from a glorious week in Puerto Rico. The memories from my time on the island outweigh the fact that the person in the seat in front of me had reclined, so my laptop was […]


Airline Secrets: 10 Tips and Tricks Airlines Don't Want You To Know

This article on Thrillist certainly garnered my attention today!  For any of us that have been frustrated by the airlines, thanks to missed flights, delays or baggage loss, this article will certainly give us some tools to put in our toolbox for our next airline run-in. Airline Secrets: 10 Tips and Tricks Airlines Don’t Want […]


Our Recess Vision Board on Pinterest

Pinterest has become one of the fastest growing websites in history. We love the visual inspiration that Pinterest provides. We have started a board specifically for images that remind us about recess. What else would you add? We would love your contributions and suggestions. Click on the link below to take a peek at our […]