The law of attraction might not be a marketing strategy they teach in Business Schools but I believe the universe needs to know what you are seeking so it can help set you up to come into contact with your wish. This will literally be a classified ad for the type of client I am currently looking to meet:

Seeking a savvy wealth management company with a desire to add personal concierge /lifestyle management services to their client benefit program. Desired firm will understand the value of partnering with The Henley Company to offer their clients comprehensive lifestyle management beyond just financial planning. These services can be used as a client retention and prospecting strategy. As part of the retainer for services, The Henley Company will work one-on-one with the clients to not only manage the day-to-day details of their lives but also to help them to live the life they truly want through unique experiences and making a re-commitment to play more. By delegating their to-do lists and daily obligations to us, the clients gain back priceless time. Think of the relationship you could build with your clients if you not only managed their wealth strategy efficiently but you truly could give them the gift of time! Seems like a game changer to us!

Am I talking to you? If so, let’s get started! Email: