We all have great intentions that this year will be the year that we are finished with all of our holiday shopping by Thanksgiving and all the gifts will be wrapped with fancy bows and under the tree by the time we drink our first Egg Nog of the season. And then real life kicks in and the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas seem to move in warp speed. You feel out of control more than you feel in the holiday spirit. You aren’t alone!

We are on the hunt for the person in San Diego that gets completely overwhelmed by the holidays the most.  Maybe your gift buying list is too long or your gift wrapping skills are pathetic. Maybe the thought of  hosting a holiday party makes you start to break out in hives. Is your job so demanding that you have no time to plan for the holidays?  Do you dream of your own holiday elf to come in and help you manage the madness associated with the holidays? Your dream can come true!

We want to hear your story! Why do the holidays make you feel like you are totally out of control?

Send us an email explaining why the holidays are completely overwhelming for you and you could win 2-complimentary hours of personal concierge service between November 15th and December 31st.

Email us your story at nicole@thehenleycompany.com.

Our holiday elves are here to save the day! Let this be the year you actually enjoy the holidays instead of just surviving them!