Day 1 of Giving Thanks:

Mom & Dad

I have always known that I have extraordinary parents. In their own right, they are phenomenal people but together as parents they are remarkable. I know I am very lucky and blessed. Growing up, I quickly realized that not all of my friends had the same relationship with their parents as I did. I felt sorry for them. I could spend hours writing about the amazing childhood full of opportunities, lessons learned and world travels that they provided for my sister and me but this is not intended to be a retrospective. Instead, on this first day of my journey of committing 30 days to giving thanks, I want to say thank you to my Mom and Dad for the unbelievable love and support they have shown me in the past few weeks. The details of why are not important but they have shown me a level of generosity and support that goes beyond words. I can’t begin to repay them for their physical energy, emotional commitment and for truly making me feel like no matter how old I get their home will always be a safe place to land.

Thank you Mom & Dad! You continue to be my role model and inspiration! I love you to the moon and back!