Tonight my dear friend Ann marie did something HUGE – she pushed”send” and somewhere in the world an email landed in a book publisher’s in-box. It’s now too late to ever ask for it back or to try to will it into the Spam universe. She wants to write a book. She should write a book – she is brilliant, incredibly witty and she has a lot of really profound things to say. She is a very talented writer but even though the people who love her can tell her that without hesitation, there is something about (I can only imagine) sending your work to a publisher for review and critique. It feels like an American Idol moment and she is waiting for Simon to tell her she is going to Hollywood. She has lamented for weeks over what she would ultimately submit. I know she has crafted every word and chosen the right stories to emphasize her point. I also have sensed her trepidation about actually pushing the send button. I can feel her uncertainty in every text she sends me about the progress being made. Tonight is a perfect example to all of us that we need to have the courage to live bold in order to design the life we want to live. Only time will tell what the person on the other end of the email will think, but just the fact that she pushed the big scary “send” button tonight is worthy of a toast. She is a trailblazer and if everything goes according to plan, you can become one too! She’ll tell you how in her new book! Cheers to you my friend!