The Secret tells us we must visualize what we want. If this is the case, all I can see at this moment is my passport wanting to get out of the drawer and into the sun light. So this is my plea to the universe….please let me go on a vacation soon! The change of scenery will do me good! I promise I am working as hard as I can right now and I am very grateful for the progress being made, but oh how I would love if all this hard work led its way to a bikini, a sun lounger, reading a Cosmo Magazine by the pool and peaceful thoughts running through my head. My passport has totally pulled an attitude with me because it thinks I am having an affair with my business. We use to travel all over the world together and it has seen some fabulous places the planet has to offer but 3 years ago I decided that I was going to give up the corporate paycheck and the nice vacation package to venture into owning my own business. The passport has since become the mistress in the relationship – tucked away and encouraged not to be seen or heard. I only give it attention now when I can afford the time away or if there is anything left in the travel fund. I feel guilty for not giving it more love especially since I am convinced it might very well be the love of my life. I have decided that instead of just dreaming of a vacation, I am going to create opportunities for myself that allow me to do projects in far away places. Yesterday I pushed send on a proposal for an international project — it is not in response to a client looking for a specific need, but instead it was about The Henley Company and The Houghtaling Group creating something totally out of nothing and pitching an idea where we see a need. We have now committed to every Friday sending out a new proposal that would allow us to travel internationally. Oh dear passport, I promise soon we will return to our great love affair and you will become robust again with stamps from far away places. Just hang tight – I’m busy designing the life I want to live and there is no doubt you will play a large part in it!