Last Saturday my partner in crime Ann marie and I road tripped to Anaheim to
speak at the American Business Women’s Association Conference .  We presented our presentation, “Be Decadent – Choose Possibility” which walks the audience through a story of our personal friendship and how we have used it to design the lives we want to live.  One of the exercises we do with the audience is to help them to discover their “decadent dream” – which is that one thing in your own silence that always speaks to you. It’s the answer to the question…”if I could do anything it would be….” We have the audience write their dream down and then once we collect the cards we tell them we are going to read them out to the universe. If we tell them we are going to read them before we collect them, they might change their response because fear or embarrassment would get in the way. Our favorite part of the presentation is when we read out the cards and play witness to someone’s decadent dream flying out into the universe. It’s up to them to make it become a reality but on that one day, in that one moment, they get to share their dream with the universe and knowing that we get to be part of it makes any road trip worth it!

What is your decadent dream? And more importantly, what did you do today to get one step closer?