Everyone needs a super smart social media guru as a friend! I am lucky that my friend CJ Lucke is just that person. I can’t tell you how many times I have asked her the “how to” or “what does that mean” question about my Twitter account, my blog or my website. She knows all of the little behind the scenes stuff about technology I could only hope to know.

Want to know more about social media? Join CJ and a bunch of other savvy folks on April 9th at the Link Conferences.

Link Conferences is associated with Public Remix and provides a space where leaders can come together to exchange ideas. The next conference will be held in San Diego on April 9, 2010 and focus on how government, non-profit and education leaders are using social media outlets to connect with their customers, communities and each other . These are the true visionaries and revolutionaries!

Hear lessons learned from people that know what works and what doesn’t. See the newest ideas from leaders in the trenches.

Everyone is talking about social media, but how did these public agencies actually push through the fears and concerns surrounding opening themselves up and start using it?

Topics include:

* Why social media needs to be an important part of your communication strategy
* Overcoming barriers to communicating directly with your customers and stakeholders
* Making your organizational messages clear and memorable
* Using social media technology to make it easy for citizens to connect with you
* How social media tools can align with your mission and vision
* Protecting yourself from the downsides of social media
* Selling social media to decision makers
* Innovations in education
* Creating strategic partnerships

Sign up for the conference! It’s only $99 until March 15th (early bird registration).