Even celebrities enjoy RECESS now and again!  Bethenny Frankel of Housewives of New York City fame has her debut tonight on Skating with the Stars. In her newsletter today, she admits the reason she participated in the show is because it was going to not only be a challenge but would allow her to play and feel childlike. Sounds like the joys of RECESS to me! When is the last time you made a decision based on the experience it would afford you versus the straight business impact?

Excerpt from Bethenny’s newsletter – 11/22/10 www.bethenny.com:

Ok, so let’s get this out of the way: I AM INSANE. What was I thinking signing on to do Skating with the Stars? Truthfully, it was a difficult decision, but I just couldn’t say no. The idea of skating felt playful and challenging and childlike. Most of my decisions like these are business ones.  In this case, simply put, I just wanted to do it.

Whether you want to ice skate, learn to sky dive or take cooking classes in a Tuscan villa, The Henley Company can help you put RECESS back into your life! Remember, life is your playground! Go experience it!

Our newest division RECESS is all about creating experiences and giving clients permission to once again commit to playing in their lives. We specialize in monthly family experiences, executive outings, ultimate travel arrangements, retreats and helping our clients to find the joy in making time to play.