Day 22: I give thanks for Ann marie!

Ann marie and I always say we got each other in the big breakup! We met about 5 years ago when we were both dating Englishmen at the time. We would do “couple” things together, which is where our friendship began. After a time, we both decided that we had found the right accent but the wrong men and so we parted ways with our Englishmen – cheerio! We got each other; they are still happy together! It’s all worked out the way it should! What has happened in that time is the making of a wonderful friendship. Little did I know when I met this eclectic woman with knee high boots in a dark bar one night , that she would become my friend for life. I admit, I don’t have a ton of friends. Sure, I know lots of people but I’m more of a quality versus quantity girl when it comes to real friendship. However, once you are in the circle, you are in for life. Ann marie will be in the circle until we are both old and gray and causing trouble in the nursing home. We have the perfect yin and yang relationship. She is a big picture girl, I’m the girl that implements all the ideas. She can pull off a fabulous red lipstick and I choose a subtle lip gloss. She’s the girl at a party that everyone gravitates to (I’ve seen strangers lick her boot at a party for really no reason other than he found it to be sexy) and I’m the girl that wants to be throwing the party. She is the one on the beach sitting under a parasol (not an umbrella, but a lacy parasol), where I am the one soaking up the sun, hoping her parasol doesn’t cast a shadow on me. She is a Paris girl, I adore London. But in spite of all of our differences, we have the two characteristics that are most important: we both cherish a sense of humor and we are fiercely loyal. Ann marie believes strongly that it is her job as my friend to not let me fail – in my work, in my life and with my heart. Imagine how profound it was to hear that when I was in one of the darkest places in my life. My world was rocked in a big way and as I stood in her kitchen crying about what had happened, she just hugged me and told me she would not let me fail. I still tear up when I think back to that day and that unbelievable moment when I discovered the true value of friendship between women. Don’t let the red lipstick fool you – behind it all is the mama bear that will protect every cub she loves. I can’t tell you how many times she has called me to tell me she has a business idea for me or how many times she has plotted our next great adventure. She inevitably texts me with a random thought that makes me laugh or a pick-me-up when she thinks I need a little boost. We have literally laughed until we cried and the best part is that we know it won’t be a one off experience. We have laughed so hard in McDonald’s of all places that the gentleman next to us made a point of asking us what could possibly be so funny. It was probably so ridiculous it wasn’t worth repeating but it meant the world to the two of us. By far one of my most favorite photos we ever have taken together is this one from New Year’s Eve 2008. There is no greater representation of our friendship than this photo.It could not have been taken at a more opportune moment.  I adore it. So on this day of giving thanks for all that is right in my life, I say thank you to Ann marie. For the laughter, the friendship, the lessons you have taught me and the decadent life we lead together – I am a very lucky girl.

Laughter and friendship - the perfect prescription for a happy life!