Day 16 – I’m grateful for the opportunity to get paid to talk about what I love to do.

When you don’t pull into your driveway until 10:30 pm from “work” you know you have had a long day. Tonight I completed teaching a class at USD, which I was team teaching with my dear friend Ann marie. We team taught the first week, she taught the second week and I taught the class tonight. It was a great group of very engaged students. By having both of us as teachers they get the best of who we are. From Ann marie they get business development and sales training brilliance. From me, they receive inspiration about self-producing events through strategic partnership. This class really plays to our professional strengths. Teaching is one of my favorite things to do. I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach the next generation of event professionals. And in this case, I’m blessed to do it with one of my dearest friends!