Day 17: I am grateful for Jodi, Steve, Ian & Elyse

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am super close to my sister Jodi. Although we are almost 5 years apart (she is older! – I always have to get that in!!!) we might as well be twins. In fact, many people we meet have asked us if we are indeed twins. We think we look nothing alike so it’s always intriguing when people say it. My sister is easily my best friend. She is the one that I can laugh with until my belly hurts, can bounce ideas off about work, enjoy the sanctity of a sun lounger with a good magazine in a tropical location and the one that I turn to when the world seems a little out of sync. With it just being the two of us growing up, I was delighted when she called me 18 years ago and said she had met “a fun Englishman” in the jacuzzi at her apartment building.That fun Englishman, Steve, would eventually become her husband and unbeknownst to me, one of my best friends as well. I am very lucky to have such an easy relationship with my brother-in-law. He too is very supportive of me and has himself helped me to pick up the pieces when my heart was broken or I found myself in the midst of a crisis. He has a great ability to show up with a cup of tea at all the right moments! To the English, tea is the cure all! Jodi and Steve make a great pair as husband and wife! At the core of their relationship is trust, laughter and a very solid friendship. It is very much like my parent’s marriage.  Jodi and Steve blessed our family with two amazing children – Ian and Elyse. I adore these children as if I gave birth to them myself. I am so lucky that we all live so close to each other so that we are present for all the moments that matter – big and small. So on this day, my 17th day of giving thanks, I just wanted to take a moment to profess my sincere gratitude for Jodi, Steve, Ian and Elyse. You are my sunshine and I love you all to the moon and back!

A precious moment with Jodi, Steve, Ian & Elyse