Day 5:  Giving thanks for clarity!

I admit that things have been a little foggy in my head this year. At times it has felt like I am in a haze, just simply going through the motions. For a variety of reasons, I have unloaded a lot in the past few months. It’s amazing how much clarity clearing the emotional clutter brings. I feel more in my head than I have in a very long time. I was having a meeting/ gab fest with my good friend Marley yesterday and she commented that even in the year we have known each other, she has seen an evolution in me. I appreciated the compliment. It’s true — I feel like I have evolved. I’ve ridded my heart of emotional turmoil that the wrong relationships (both romantic and friendship) bring; I’ve changed my scenery and feel much more creative and excited about the potential my business brings than I have in a very long time. I’m grateful that my journey has brought me to this place. I now dwell in opportunity. I’m not sure where the road will go from here but I do appreciate the clear sky (and head) I have at the moment!