We have just started a group on LinkedIn devoted to RECESS, our newest division focused on creating experiences and giving clients permission to once again commit to playing more in their lives. While most LinkedIn Groups are focused on making business connections, RECESS is where you are going to find your play mates! We all could use a little more RECESS in our lives! Why not have a group where we can talk about the fun we are having or find inspiration to go out and play?

This is the group for you to talk about a great experience you just had, a fabulous trip you just took or a family memory you just created. And if you need help planning your RECESS let the group know. There are plenty of people who can offer suggestions on where to go and what to do. The world is a big playground – go experience it!

If you are on LinkedIn, feel free to join our new group. Search for RECESS – Where Life Is A Playground