Day 6  – Giving thanks for community

As I drove out of Scripps Ranch earlier today on my way to a client event, I was reminded of the recent loss of police officer Christopher Wilson. Tragically, he was shot and killed in the line of duty over a week ago. The whole city was moved to see over 700 police vehicles participate in a motorcade on their way to his funeral and celebration of life. We learned after his passing that his family lives in Scripps Ranch. Having grown up in Scripps Ranch, I know what a remarkable community it is– a little small town existing in a big city. The sense of community has been tested many times; none greater than in the 2003 wildfires when we lost over 300 houses in Scripps Ranch alone to the inferno. It was amazing to see how quickly the community came together to support our neighbors who had lost everything. Given the pride in our community, it was little surprise to me to see a banner hanging at the entrance of Scripps Ranch that read:

To The Wilson Family – We will now be your “Good Cover.”

Apparently Officer Wilson was referred to on the force as “Good Cover.” In this time of loss, it is no doubt that the community of Scripps Ranch will once again rally and provide good cover for his family. Although we as neighbors cannot erase their sadness, we can stand together once again to support them in their journey. I am proud of my community for always focusing on what matters most – to love and support each other by being neighbors. I give thanks for the true sense of community Scripps Ranch continues to embrace and the honor it has been to be raised in a neighborhood where friends are indeed family and everyone is willing to be “good cover” for each other.