Day 7 – Giving thanks for a great view!

Today was a bit of a hodge podge of activity but the highlight was definitely the view of the Pacific Ocean for the last 2 miles of my 5 mile run this morning. I decided to run through Carmel Valley into Del Mar with the goal of ending up at the Polo Fields in time for my niece Elyse’s soccer game. As I turned the corner to head down El Camino Real towards the Polo Fields, the view evolved from a 3-laned road full of mini van’s shuttling kids and frenzied errand runners  to a horizon met with the Pacific Ocean. As my run took me north, more of the Pacific Ocean became visible. On this perfectly clear day you could see for miles. When a view of the ocean is your running partner, it’s hard not to want to continue the run forever. I give thanks for the amazing view — which took my mind off the pounding on the pavement. Oh…and just as I ran onto the Polo Fields, stopped my watch and caught my breath, Elyse scored the perfect header goal off a corner kick. Go on my girl! We both scored today!