Day 9: Giving thanks for new friends & colleagues

I am still in LA attending the Uncensored Conference, produced by The Party Goddess. We are now 2 days in and the community is certainly forming. This is such a unique experience because of the intimate setting. There are 50 event professionals from around the country that have committed time, money and energy to being the best business owner they can be. I had the pleasure of speaking to the crowd this morning to discuss strategic partnership and self-producing events. I’m thrilled to see the excitement in the eyes of the attendees as the light bulb goes off in their heads about the events they can self-produce in their own markets. I love spreading the gospel and convincing planners to turn their business model upside down. Tomorrow is the last day and although we will return home to our corners of the country this is not the end of the relationships that have been created. I give thanks for the new friends and colleagues I have made. I believe people come into your life for a reason — the relationships fostered at Uncensored are a perfect example.

I’m super excited that the next Uncensored Conference will be March 16-18 in San Diego